Dussehra Feast

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September 26, 2009 by ritadate

The Dussehra festival is not known for its special delicacies, it is mostly a time for its religious observation. However being an important holiday, an abundance and variety of food is made and eaten on this special day.
The celebrations and food prepared vary from state to state. For most of the country it is a time to celebrate the bringing in of the harvest. In the agriculture belts of the South new rice taken from the fields is made into a payasam.In Punjab it is a time for refelection and fasting. In the North the observation of good over evil is revered by remembering the victory of the Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur.

Mysore Dusserha—It is known for its pomp and celebrations on a grand scale. The entire city is overcome by a cultural and religious extravaganza. The restaurants are busy and there are special food stalls with all types of vegetarian delicacies. The agricultural belt of the Karnatak and much of the South celebrates the harvest with a puja. A simple vegetarian meal with the Harvest Payasam is enjoyed with the family.

Gurarat/Rajasthan – Garbas and dandiyas are on for the nine days(navrati) before the Dusserha day and each day is a day of feasting. Traditional specials such dabelis, paapdi loat, gaathia, jalebi, fafda and many others await hungry garba dancers.

For Bengalis Dusserha is the most important time of year. For each of the 9 days prior Bengalis perform puja. Most do not cook at home and eat at the large legendary large pandal “bhogs” served for lunch and dinner at these places. For others, Puja food is snack food, such as the Nizam’s chicken rolls or special hilsa tandoori fish, several types of biriyanis and mughal parathas, not to mention the dozens of Bengali sweets on offer.


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