Christmas Cookies

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January 2, 2010 by ritadate

Growing up, Christmas baking had always been a tradition. We rarely baked at home. Baking was not my mother’s forte. I think she had enough on her hands with cooking us our regular Indian meals in addition to the numerous parties and guests we used to have. She cooked many Indian sweets such as rasmalais, payasams and burfis but I always preferred cookies and cakes. They were irresistible and it was difficult to stop eating them especially if they were homemade. I used to envy my friends who would have peanutbutter, chocolate chip or sugar cookies in their lunch boxes. Christmas time was the only time my mother and I would bake homemade cookies…Christmas butter cookies. It was a delight when Chips Ahoy were at times replaced with Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies made from the pre-mix but the Christmas butter cookies were from scratch, real butter, sugar and flour.
My mom was scared to make them because she knew I could finish off jars full and it did not help to be a chubby child. But I pretended to be in control and we made them every year. I used to love rolling the dough, cutting the shapes and most of all eating them warm just out of the oven. It was our Christmas tradition.
I had begun this tradition with my daughter who luckily likes cooking and baking. Earlier she was fascinated just like I used to be with with what a mixture of simple ingredients such as flour, butter and sugar could evolve into. Her tiny hands used to insist on cutting all the shapes; now she is older and does not even need me in the kitchen to make our butter cookies. This year due to our erratic schedules she made the dough for me and refrigerated it so I could make the cookies when I had time. She was in the midst of exams but insisted on being part of the process so we split up duties this year. The cookies came out just as good and our tradition lives on. I am lucky to have such a wonderful enthusiastic daughter.


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