Dear Lady Lunch

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February 16, 2010 by ritadate

A couple in our circle of friends invites us for dinner often. The problem is that the hostess usually serves very fattening and often unhealthy food, for example onion pakoras and a chocolate mousse made with loads of cream. She rarely eats this herself claiming she is on a diet. I have some control but my husband who comes to her place from work is usually famished and will eat almost anything in sight. She may get upset if I confront her. Champa…Pune

Dear Champa,
A few solutions: 1. bring a healthy dish such as salad or hummus and warn your husband in advance. A low calorie appetizer such as veggies and dip will also appease the appetite for a while.
2. Insist on potluck, this may hint to your friend that you want a change to the usual menu.
3. Don’t eat yourself to make it a point that you are also on a diet and cannot eat most of the food served by the hostess. This may seem rude but if the hostess is doing it as well then no worries.


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