Sunday Lunch

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February 28, 2010 by ritadate

It is Saturday and the same weekly question arises…what do we do for Sunday lunch? It has been a regular practice that the family goes out for lunch on Sunday….but not always. There are times where I have tried to cook but my husband does not like me in the kitchen when he is around, he likes me by his side at all times. He is not romantic in the traditional sense, but I will take this over flowers any day.

Usually I plan all the meals with very little input but Sundays are different. Will we eat out and where will we eat is always a question that I start thinking about on Saturday afternoon, finally I have to decide and make plans, buy the necessary raw materials on Saturday afternoon and see if any prep has to be done the night before.

We live in the Deccan area of Pune which is a wonderful place to live with ample good schools and excellent sports facilities. The choices for a nice evening meal out however are severely limited. The traditional Maharashtrian, native to the area, ventures out his own food realm within limits…Chinese and Italian are acceptable and now slowly Thai is gaining acceptance but the frequency of eating different foods is not enough to warrant too many the diverse and varied restaurants that I would have liked.

Run of the mill Punjabi khanna and snacky dosas are out for our Sunday lunches, thalis are a big no-no. My kids have developed a rather refined taste and are ready to try different foods as long it is mixed with some of the familiar as well. I prefer to eat at home only because of the calories accumulated at restaurant meal negates any effort at weight loss I have attempted through the week. Many times I arrange baked chicken or spaghetti, dishes that require less kitchen work time but are approved by my son.

All the appealing eateries are in Koregaon Park or any other part of Pune other than our Deccan. For the one day off a week that my husband has he does not want to spend too much time traveling in traffic driving to a place to eat. Many times there are social obligations on that day, children’s activities, or the desperate need for a siesta that gives us a time constraint to return home.

This brings us back to what to make for lunch tomorrow. Well, my son will be in a science fair the entire day and wants a “special” and filling dubba, the driver has a day off which means I have to buy any needed ingredients myself, there are very few vegetables in the fridge, husband has to go to office after a quick lunch and we have a hectic morning. Given all these factors I plan Subway sandwiches and decide to take some for my son as well. Everyone is happy. Subway is his favorite, liked by all and my diet is not be sabotaged.

Successful this week, I do not want to think about the next week until absolutely necessary. Sunday night our weekly ritual is to eat light with curds, rice and pickles. Monday my cook takes over with the food planning for two days before I must step in…perhaps that is why I never have the Monday blues.


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