Mom’s Meal Planning

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May 23, 2010 by ritadate

I have not thought about what to make for lunch or dinner for almost a month now – a needed break from the daily task of meal planning. I am at my yearly retreat to my parent’s home in Boston.

Now Amma, my mom, asks me the daily questions what would you like for lunch, what would you like for dinner. I know she has something in mind and let her decide –I know I will like it. I am not complaining about meal planning after all I have a decent cook and on most days a driver to gather any needed ingredients. The thinking process about what to make gets a bit complicated when you have to keep in mind so many factors such as everyone’s tastes and how to minimize leftovers. There is an element of surprise when someone else makes the menu decisions and during my stay my mother makes lowfat gourmet meals for me and my kids. She knows what we like and do not like and sometimes makes three different versions of the same dish, one spicier, one without chillies, one with no meat, etc. to please everyone. My poor father does not get a version when we are around but is happy to eat what is served.

Amma not only is an amazing cook but an extremely efficient one. Efficient at shopping for value and always buying the right amounts in order to eat foods fresh is not such an easy task – I know because I am not the most competent in this department. Many times I forget that I have bought something and it remains in the fridge until I can smell it rotting away. My help have no idea what avocados, zuchhinis or cherry tomatoes are used for and do not bother to remind me that they are in the fridge and actually I think my cook hides them on purpose. I too would have bought these precious vegetables the same day I needed them for cooking but most are only available in Koregaon Park or Camp, areas away from my side of town so when I do go there I get tempted and stock up. It helps that Amma loves to shop and does not mind running to the grocery store everyday to pick up something she needs.

I write this post to thank my mom as I sit back and let her plan the menus and cook the meals during my stay. I have been only reading and writing about food and although I enjoy cooking I enjoy Amma’s cooking even more. You have read about some of her recipes on the site and I will be posting more soon.


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