"When Pigs Fly"

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June 5, 2010 by ritadate

This is the single reason I did not lose weight–Cranberry-Toasted Walnut-Orange bread. This bread is just irresistible sitting on the kitchen counter top crying out for me.

I exercised, watched portions, and ate healthy. Normally I should have lost some weight but one slice of bread has approximately 200 calories. I easily eat 3-4 slices a day, with coffee, after lunch or passing by the kitchen. An unnecessary extra 600-800 calories a day! When it is not around I do not miss it but at the moment there is a house full of people and lots of food being cooked or served throughout the day. Other temptations are around as well but this is the one that bothers me the most. Anyway I finished the last piece so hopefully there will be no more bought for quite some time.

The bread comes from a specialty bread store known as “When Pigs Fly.” A variety of artisan breads including Baby Spinach, Onion & Garlic Ciabatta, Banana, Maple, Pecan & Brown Sugar, Chipotle Black Bean, Red Pepper Hummus with Sesame Seeds & GarlicOlive Bread, and Chocolate bread are available and among them my cranberry nut is the most popular. Sandwiches made on their Classic breads such rye, pumpernickel, oats and honey and whole wheat turn boring sandwiches gourmet. The store offers samples of your choice by friendly staff and experiments with flavors every week, this week it is curry bread—not recommended.

Ron Siegel, the owner of the store named the store “When Pigs Fly” because when he started the store he was discouraged by a few and was told that the store would succeed “when pigs fly!” The store which bakes fresh bread daily from natural ingredients with no added fats not only has three stores in Maine, two in Massachusetts and one in New Hampshire, but supplies bread to supermarkets throughout New England.

The store has gooey bread pudding in different flavors which I took a taste. The cookies I am told are also good. If you are in Brookline make a stop and visit the pigs.


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